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With so many great ideas out there, there is always More To Learn. Breaking down concepts from the best books and the biggest authors, each episode teaches you something new that you can take away and apply to your own life.  

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Oliver Burkeman: Happiness, Change, Time Management & Motivational Seminars
November 15, 2023x
53:1373.09 MB

Oliver Burkeman: Happiness, Change, Time Management & Motivational Seminars

I had the pleasure of speaking with Oliver Burkeman, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. His books HELP! , The Antidote and Four Tousand Weeks have all been winners and I can't wait for what he dishes up next.  In this episode we speak about happiness, making effect change, the pow...

Fundamental Attribution Error (HELP!, part 3)
November 09, 2023x
05:1510.5 MB

Fundamental Attribution Error (HELP!, part 3)

It's one of the most pervasive cognitive errors in our human psychology. When we assess others, we overemphasise personality-based explanations and undervalue situational ones. If someone is late to a meeting, we assume it's because they're a lazy person, not because they were stuck in traffic. And...

Hofstadter's Law (HELP!, part 2)
November 07, 2023x
08:3511.81 MB

Hofstadter's Law (HELP!, part 2)

You might've heard of Parkinson's Law, how tasks expand to fill the time alloted to them. Well this is Parkinson's on steroids. Hofstadter's Law says that: any task you’re planning to complete will always take longer than expected, even when Hofstadter’s Law is taken into account. It's a viscious c...

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